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North Wales based company of performing arts. Founded by performing artist Chloé Waggett in 2021. After studying at London's Urdang Academy & graduating Bird College in 2018 Chloé has built up a background of performing, teaching & directing experience. She is passionate about bringing creatives together and brightening up North Wales with the joy that can only be embodied by the wonderful world of performance and art.

The company is focused on providing a platform for professional artiste's to access paid performance opportunities within a growing professional company based in the North. After the original COVID-19 Lockdown took place and many performing artists had to start again back at their hometowns, working jobs that had no reflection of their talent or training, I decided somebody needed to create the opportunities that weren't available. 


We offer a variety of performance based work and services that is continuously growing along with our reputation. I was overwhelmed at the amazing response we received and the level of interest in what we could offer. With ever expanding ideas and opportunities the sky is the limit for our North Wales based artists & creatives. 


We have a focus on development and are in the midst of creating training opportunities & workshops with industry professionals. The ethos of our company is entirely focused on creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all artists, performers & creatives, with emphasis on harnessing the skill and talent out there and helping our creative community relish in its beauty. The arts has been forgotten about once before, we are determined to not let it be ignored in North Wales again. 

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